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WP3.1 Training - Astronomical / Engineering Schools

This activity will foster the skills needed for exploitation of European radio astronomy facilities by researchers worldwide. It will enable radio astronomers to take advantage of global best practices and research opportunities and help newcomers to radio astronomy to learn current state-of-the-art techniques, and encourage them to stay in the field. The events are aimed at astronomers and engineers in order to communicate, and indeed develop techniques needed to plan observations, reduce and interpret data from present and next-generation facilities. This ensures that there will be sufficient experts in the market to support their communities in making use of new opportunities (ALMA, EHT and SKA, and the other rapidly-evolving RadioNet facilities).

Guidelines on the level of support

The Support Requests, circulated every 6 months, and the forms sent to successful applicants, contain full details of the funding conditions, including a report template. The total budget for this workpackage is 150k Euro over 4 years, and in order to ensure a fair distribution we adopt the following guidelines (although any requests will be considered within the rules of allowable expenditure):

  • About half or less of the total cost of an event will be supported, and the level of support will not exceed the equivalent of 30 Euro per attendee per day (not necessarily spent individually).
  • Specific amounts are earmarked for named deliverable events such as the European Radio Interferometry Schools, Radio-focussed Solar events and hands-on Single dish Schools, see the workpackage description.
  • In other cases the amount allocated will not normally exceed a few K Euro.
  • In most cases, the larger part of support allocated is used to enable the attendance of participants, but it can also be used, for example, to invite radio-specialist tutors to a general school.
  • Events must be openly advertised and accessible to the entire community, although the imposition of transparent selection criteria is acceptable.

We welcome informal inquiries; please contact the workpage leader or the RadioNet office.

Teaching Material

The teaching materials, including the lecture notes, tutorial guides and datasets used for the school are archived on the school website, which provides an additional route for the transfer of knowledge to students that were unable to attend the school and will form the basis for the material used at future events. Web resources are also listed below:

  1. ALMA community days and workshops - these are partly based on tools, data and material available via the ALMA science portal and CASA guides, additional material at Community Days 2017 and ALMA conference
  2. VLBI tools in CASA - these have now been released in CASA 5.3 and later. See also the CASA-VLBI workshop 2020 talks and tutorials
  3. ASTA - advanced software tools are curated by individual ARC nodes (see listing of tools and links to ARCNodes. Presentations are here
  4. Self-calibration and advanced imaging talks and tutorial materials are here
  5. ERIS talks and tutorials ERIS 2017, ERIS 2019 which form an introductory radio interferometry course. ERIS manual for organizers
  6. Submillimetre Single-dish Data Reduction and Array Combination Techniques materials have been published via Zenodo and are available under link
  7. IRAM-led schools provide mm-wave interferometry and single dish teaching materials.
  8. The Dublin interferometry data processing school scripts and data are especially relevant for e-MERLIN and ALMA.
  9. The CESRA materials are at 2018 school
  10. The IUCAF Spectrum Management School presentations are available on-line.

Supported training events

Event Organiser EVENT
NoDatePlace/Country Event TitleOrganiser Place/Country Report
252-6.11.2020 Virtual Dwingeloo/NLInteractive CASA VLBI workshopJIV-ERICDwingeloo/NL Report
24September 2020 - CANCELLEDDwingeloo/NL6th LOFAR data processing schoolASTRONDwingeloo/NL CANCELLED
2324-28.8.2020 CANCELLEDPrague/CZCESRA Summer SchoolCzech Academy of SciencesPrague/CZCANCELLED
2224-26.6.2020 - virtualDwingeloo/NLLOFAR Polarization Busy DaysDwingeloo/NL virtual meeting
2122-26.6.2020 CANCELLEDRome/ITIntroduction to RAINAFRome/IT CANCELLED
2024-29 May 2020 POSTPONED to 2021 Turku/FI  North-European Radio Astronomy School UTU Solvalla, Espoo/FI CANCELLED
198-9.4.2020 POSTPONEDGlasgow/UKSub-Second structures in low frequency solar radio observationUNIGLASGlasgow/UKPOSTPONED
1823-25.11.2020Lisbon/PT/virtualExploiting Archives for RA in SKA ERAUMANLisbon/PT/virtual Report
172-6 March 2020 INAF/IT Summer School Spectrum Management for Radio AstronomySTIAS Stellenbosch/SAReport
1621-25.10.2019Dwingeloo/NLLOFAR solar and space weather KSP busy week, Solar KSP home pagesASTRONDwingeloo/NLReport
157-11.10.2019Gothenburg/SEERISCHALMERSGothenburg/SE Report
146-13.9.2019Granada/ES9. IRAM 30m Summer School and lectures IRAMGranada/ESReport
131-5.10.2018IRAM/FR10th Millimetre Interferometry SchoolIRAM GrenobleFRReport
1210-12.09.2018Dublin/IRInterferometric Data Processing Workshop for eMERLIN & ALMAUMANUKReport
11 10-14.09.2018Royal Obs./BECESRA Summer SchooRoyal Obs. Belgium BrusselsReport
10 17-21.09.2018ASTRON/NLLOFAR data processing schoolASTRONDwingeloo/NLReport
919-23.03.2018Lotenz Centre,Leiden High-resolution surveying with international LOFARUOXF Leiden/NLReport
815.-16.03.2018Garching/DEAPEX & ALMA Single-dish training workshopESOGarching/DEReport
611-13.12.2017Bologna/ITSelf-calibration and advances imaging workshop-Ed FomalontINAFBologna/ITReport
55-7.12.2017Lisbon/PTALMA Data Processing WorkshopPortuguese ALMA Centre for Expertise Lisabon Report
428-30.11.2017 Gothenburg/SE ASTA-Advanced Software Tools for ALMA OSO Onsala/SEReport
32.-6.10.2017 Dwingeloo/NL Introducing VLBI tools in CASA JIV-ERIC Dwingeloo/NLReport
23-4.4 & 7.4.2017 Torun/PL & Prague/CZJoint preCycle 5 ALMA workshopCzech Academy of Science & UMK Prague/CZ & Torun/PLReport
127-28.3 & 03.4.2017Bonn/DE & Bern/CH ALMA Community Days 2017Uni Bonn Bonn/DE Report
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