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WP3 Training Wiki

The NA Training is devoted to equipping radio astronomers and engineers with the skills which are essential to take full advantage of the present and future radio astronomical infrastructures by:

  • offering a focussed set of schools and forums, where specialist observatory personnel discuss engineering developments and exchange best practises, where users present cutting-edge results from RadioNet infrastructures, and where experienced astronomers train the next generation in the basics and finer points of using radio astronomy infrastructures,
  • providing a dedicated support programme for visitors to the European ALMA Regional Centre nodes in order to strengthen and enlarge the user base,
  • encouraging mobility so that the contacts between the different groups: astronomers, engineers and industry will be reinforced (WP3 Description).

This activity is divided into:

The overall leader of WP3 is Anita Richards.


All tasks have separated calls for financial support for:


The following deliverables are scheduled for WP3:

No Del. TitleLeaderLevelDue dateEvent Date PlaceSubmissionDeliverable
D3.7Update No 2 of the Guide to the European ARC networkESOPU31.12.2020 16.09.2020 D3.7
D3.6Specialized Training Event 3UMANPU31.12.2020ERIS on 7-11.10.2019in Gothenburg/SE29.07.2020 D3.6
D3.5Report on lessons from STMMPGPU31.12.202024.11.2020D3.5
D3.4Specialized Training Event 2INAFPU31.8.201910 IRAM mm interferometry school 1-5.10.2018 Grenoble/FR 27.05.2019 D3.4
D3.3Update No 1 of the Guide to the European ARC networkESOPU31.12.2018 16.10.2018D3.3
D3.2Spectrum Management SchoolOBSPARISPU31.12.20202-6.3.2020 in Stellenbosch/ZA08.06.2020 D3.2
D3.1Specialised Training Event 1UMANPU31.4.2018ERIS 16-20.10.2017 Dwingeloo/NL09.03.18D3.1
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