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WP2 Dissemination Wiki

The main goal of the NA Dissemination is fostering the interaction between science and technology, and reinforce the contact between European radio astronomy and industry. The task is focusing on supporting organisation of scientific and technical events. Most of those events will focus on the RadioNet community, however a cross-disciplinary events will also play an important role in order to attract the researchers and industrial engineers and assure the transfer of knowledge (WP2 Description).

This activity is divided into two tasks, supporting scientific and technical events respectively:

The overall leader of WP2 is Michael Lindqvist.

Calls for funding

Both tasks have separated calls for financial support for:


The following deliverables are scheduled for WP2:

No Del. TitleLead Ben.TypeDissemination LevelDue DateSubmission DateReport
D2.8Large RadioNet ConferenceINAFREPublic30.11.202029.07.2020D2.8
D2.7Technical Workshop 3MPGREPublic31.7.20201.10.2020 D2.7
D2.6Large Radio Astronomical Conference 2INAFREPublic31.08.201909.09.2019 D2.6
D2.5YERAC 2INAFREPublic30.4.201905.03.2019 D2.5
D2.4Techn. Workshop 2MPGREPublic31.3.201929.10.2019D2.4
D2.3Large Radio Astronomical ConferenceINAFREPublic31.4.201820.06.2018 D2.3
D2.2YERAC 1INAFREPublic31.4.201813.10.2017 D2.2Pictures
D2.1Technical Workshop 1MPGREPublic31.12.201720.12.2017 D2.1
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