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WP4 Sustainability Wiki

The NA Sustainability will enhance the sustainability of future radio astronomical research in Europe with a focus on:

  • The standardization of VLBI operations and equipment at EVN and GMVA observatories to enhance the quality of the received data.
  • Protection and maintenance of the radio spectrum for radio astronomy to enable radio-astronomical observations, which are sensitive enough to contribute significantly to relevant science goals.
  • The establishment of a formal platform to discuss the broad coordination of the field in areas related to strategic planning and other high-level policy matters (WP4 Description).

This activity is divided into:

The overall leader of this activity is Hans van der Marel (ASTRON)


The following deliverables are scheduled for WP4:

No Del. TitleTypeLevelDue dateSubmission DateReport
D4.7CRAF meeting-Report 2OBSPARISPU31.12.202016.12.2020 D4.7
D4.6Report 2 Techn MeetingUAHPU31.12.202021.12.2020 D4.6
D4.5Final Report of SPOORUMANPU30.11.202030.11.2020D4.5
D4.4Progress Report 2-SPOORUMANPU31.12.201913.1.2020 D4.4
D4.3CRAF meetings-report 1OBSPARISPU31.12.201829.11.2018 D4.3
D4.2Report 1 technical meetingUAHPU31.12.201819.11.2018 D4.2
D4.1Progress report 1 - SPOOR ReportPU20.06.201829.06.2018 D4.1
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