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TOG - Agenda, Feb. 8, 2022

Meeting start 9:30 CEST (8:30 UT),

  1. Opening Remarks (Bach)
  2. Approval & last minute additions to Agenda (all)
  3. Acceptance of minutes from last meeting (all;Minutes from April 2021 meeting)
  4. Review of Action Items from last meeting (all; see Action Items from last meeting )
  5. Review of Permanent Action Items (all; see Permanent Action Items)
  6. Reliability/Performance of the EVN
    • Reliability/Performance of the EVN. (JIVE support scientistc)
    • NME results (JIVE support scientist)
    • Feedback from last sessions. (JIVE support scientist)
    • Amplitude calibration. (JIVE support scientist)
  7. Recent difficulties/problems/failures
    • Anything to report about backends, recorders, receivers? (all)
  8. Recent solutions
    • Using the FS holog program to measure beam maps (Bach)
  9. Recorders: Mark 5, Mark6, Flexbuf
    • Disk inventory and purchase status, 500 TB per stations + 500 TB at JIVE (Bach, all)
  10. Stations
    • Any news from stations? (All)
    • Status of VLBI at FAST (Chen)
    • The RFI monitoring program at Yebes (Bautista)
  11. JIVE: eVLBI and operations
    • The centralized real-time EVN monitoring system (Keimpema)
    • Technical Operations and R&D at JIVE (Verkouter)
  12. Technical Developments
    • The new wide band CX-receiver at Yebes (Garcia-Miro)
    • Update on the BRAND receiver (Rottmann)

Lunch break about 12-14 UT.

Global Session with US (Arecibo, NRAO,…), start at 15:00 CEST (14:00 UT)

  1. Field System, status and new features
    • Status and new developments (Himwich?)
  2. VLBA, Globals, and GMVA
    • Global VLBI Alliance (Colomer)
    • Status on the EVN Technical roadmap (Bach)
    • VLBA status
    • GMVA status
    • Global operation (Campbell)
  3. Date and place of the next TOG meeting
    • ?
  4. AOB

GMVA Tech Group meeting, Feb 9, 2022

GMVA Tech Agenda

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