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WP4.1 EVN TOG & GMVA Technical meetings - Wiki

This tasks focuses on two technical groups:

  • The Technical & Operations Group (TOG) of EVN - platform for innovations and standardisation within EVN and has been responsible for the maintenance of the technical and operational infrastructure of EVN for the last 30 years.
  • The GMVA Technical Group (GTG) will be officially constituted to provide comparable services to the GMVA.

As there is considerable overlap between both groups, it is intended to organize TOG and GTG technical meetings in conjunction with each other. These meetings allow staff from the stations to agree on common developments and share knowledge from which both networks will benefit. The TOG & GTG technical meetings will provide a crucial element of training and development, maintaining and enhancing the quality of the data received by EVN and GMVA users. The financial support provided in this project will boost these new combined meetings with the aim to make them an established part of the infrastructure at the end of the project.

The pages for the TOG meetings in this wiki will be no longer continued. New information and meeting minutes will be uploaded to the EVN web pages at

WP4.1 Meetings

122-23.05.2017Ventspils/LVEVN TOG & GTG Meeting 1TOG Minutes Report
219-20.03.2018Shanghai/CHNEVN TOG Meeting 2TOG minutesReport
304-05.10.2018Granada/ESPEVN TOG & GTG Meeting 3TOG Minutes GTG MinutesReport
426.06.2019Jodrell Bank Observatory/UKEVN TOG Meeting 4 TOG Minutes Report
5POSTPONEDMax-Planck-Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany
605.05.2020 TOG videocon EVN TOG Meeting 5 TOG Minutes Report
724.11.2020 TOG videocon EVN TOG Meeting 6 TOG Minutes Report
829.04.2021 TOG videocon EVN TOG Meeting 7 TOG Minutes
908. & 09.02.2022 TOG and GTG videocon EVN TOG Meeting 8 TOG Minutes
1024. & 25.01.2023 Max-Planck-Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany EVN TOG Meeting 10

Auxilary Meetings

105.11.2020 videocon EVN TOG BRAND meeting Presentations
201.04.2021 videocon C/X band receivers meeting April 1st, 2021 Meeting page
306.09.2022 videocon Meeting on Triple band (K/Q/W) receivers Meeting-Page
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