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WP4.2 Spectrum Management - Wiki

Under this task focuses on two technica groups the European radio astronomy institutes collaborate as CRAF to coordinate activities to keep the bands used by radio astronomy free from interference and to have a common voice in the international frequency management arena.

The members of CRAF are delegated from radio astronomy institutes in 20 countries in Europe and from South Africa as well as from organizations such as SKA, ESA, IVS and IRAM. They are involved in spectrum management for radio astronomy and as such represent their institutes in national and international issues to protect and maintain the radio spectrum infrastructure. The member institutes bring together the money to employ one frequency manager who represents radio astronomy at many international meetings.

WP4.2 Meetings

142-6.3.2020Tallin/EE52nd ECC Plenary MeetingReport
1314-16.1.2020Manchester/UKCEPT/ECC PT1#64Report
1212-15.1.2020Copenhagen/DKInternational Spectrum MGT Meeting: CEPT/ECC SE24 #99Report
1112-14.6.2019Jodrell Bank/UKThe 63rd CRAF Expert Committee meetingReport
1110-14.6.2019Billund/DKInternational Spectrum Management meeting:CEPT/ECC PT1Report
913-16.6.2018Budapest&Berzel/HU61ST MEETING OF CRAFReport
82-11.05.2018Geneva/CHInternational Spectrum Management Meeting: ITU-R TG 5/1Report
727.04.2018Paris/FRInternational Spectrum Management Meeting: CEPT SE 40Report
616-20.04.2018Prague/CZEInternational Spectrum Management Meeting: CEPT PT1#58Report
517-26.1.2018Geneva(CHITU-R TG 5/1 Report
44-8.9.2017Lyon/FRInternational Spectrum Management Meeting: CEPT PT1#56Report
314-23.5.2017Geneva /CHITU-R TG 5/1 meetings on the IMT Report
23-5.5.2017Bonn/DECRAF meeting not public
116-20.01.2017CASCAIS/PTCEPT PT1 #54 Report
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