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WP2.2 Technical Dissemination

This task concentrates mainly on supporting of a series of technical workshops, especially those focussing on the technical achievements and progress of the JRAs. The goal is

  • to bring the European radio astronomy engineering results and expertise to the attention of the broader engineering community.
  • to exchange of ideas and new directions,
  • to attract of the interest of researchers and industrial engineers in related fields to collaborate in the development of Radio Astronomy
  • to transfer knowledge in both directions.
  • to foster the use of research infrastructures by industrial researchers and vice versa,
  • to encourage the involvement of industrial associations in consortia or in advisory bodies.

Supported technical events

Event Organiser
NoDatePlace/Country Event TitleOrganiser Place/Country Report
11POSTPONED TO SEPT2021Cagliari/IT/ Casper 2020INAFCagliari/IT
108-12.11.2020Virtual (former Granada)ADASS2020 IRAM Granada/Online Report
921-22.9.2020virtual (former Bonn)Workshop: Future Trends in Radio AstronomyMPIfRBonn/DEReport
88-11.3.2020Tempa/USISSTT2020talk on results Tempa/USReport
7CANCELLED 11-13.12.2019Kamena Courla/GRFrontiers in Radio Astronomy with Innovative Engineering University of ThessalyThessaly/GR
66-10.10.2019Groningen/NL ADASS2019ASTRONGroningen/NLReport
516-18.9.2019Bonn/DEPhased Array Feed WorkshopMPIFRBonn/DEReport
46-8.11.2017Madrid/ESSpace Geodetic RF and Optoelectronic InstrumentationMadrid Uni Carlos III Madrid/ES
39-11.10.2017Bologna/IT6th International VLBI Technology WorkshopINAFBologna/ITReport
28-9.6.2017Guadalajara/ESDetection and Measurement of RFI in Radio AstronomyUAH-IGNMadrid/ESReportTalks
1 9-11.3.2017Nunspeet/NLNOVA Submm Heterodyne Array WorkshopNOVA Leiden/NL
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