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WP2.1 Science Dissemination

The task focuses on supporting organization of scientific meetings, in the form of large conferences, topic-oriented smaller meetings and informal very small workshops/discussion forums. Most of those events will focus on scientific results achieved using the RadioNet facilities and/or technical developments of RadioNet activities. Additionally crossdisciplinary events will be supported every year, with the aim to feed the collaboration between radio astronomers and scientists working in other bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. This will disseminate the knowledge acquired in our field to the broader astronomical community and at the same time will broaden the scientific horizon of radio astronomers.

To avoid the duplication of work and to ensure its continuity, a YERAC guidelines for organisators is developed and will be regularly updated. The current version is from 17.12.2018.

Supported scientific events

Event Organiser
NoDatePlAce/Country Event TitleOrganiser Place/Country Report
506-7.11.20Warsaw/PLLofar 4SW User WorkshopCentrum Badan KosmocznychPL postponed
4915-23.8.20Sydney/AU43 Cospar Scientific Assembly TA user Maria Arias Saavedra/Uni AmsterdamNL postponed
48Aug/Sept 20-Postponed until 2021Grenoble/FRYERACIRAMFRCANCELLED
47POSTPONED TO 2021Cork/IRLVLBI Symposium University of CorkIRL CANCELLED
46POSTPONED TO 2021Torun/PL6. Workshop on compact steep sprectrum & GHz peaked spectrum Radio SourcesNicolaus Copernicus UniPL
449-13.12.19Paris/FRIPTA Hack WeekParis Observatory Nezdin suteFR Report
4214-17.10.19Cheshire/UKSKA VLBI Science Projects & Operations WorkshopJIVE-ERICNLReport
417-9.10.19Marcoux/FREPTA2019 WorkshopOBSPARISFRReport
4023-25.9.2019Bochum/DELofar mkspOSOSEReport
3916-20.9.19Turin/ITThe ec Radio Sky: Legacy of the Third Cambridge CatalogueUniversity of TurinIT Report
382-6.9.2019Bologna/ITViews on the interstellar medium in galaxies in the ALMA eraINAFITReport
3623-26.7.19Manchester/UKA Centenary of Astrophysical JetsUMANUKReport
3524-28.6.19Göteborg/SEAstrochemistry: From Micrometers to Megaparsecs - A Sysmposium in the honour John H. BlackCHALMERSSEReport
3410-14.6.19Nafplio/GRZooming in on Star formation University of CopenhagenDKReport
33June 19Newcastle/UKNew Perspectives on the Galactic MagnetismNewcastle UniversityUKreport
3220-23.5.2019Leiden/NLLOFAR ScienceASTRONNLReport
303-5.4.April 19Aveiro/PTMulti-messanger astronomy with SKA precursors and pathfindersCIDMAPT CANCELLED
294-8.3.2019Villa Vigoni/ITPlanet forming disks in th ALMA and SpHERE EraIPAGFR Report
2824-26.10.18Jena/DERadio2018-Recent Progress in Radio Astronomyno report received
278-11.10.18 Granada/ES14th EVN Symposium and Users MeetingUAH-IGNESReport
2510-12.9.18Groningen/NLThe History o fthe nearby UniverseRUGNL
2311-15.6.2018Copenhagen/DKCosmic dust: origin, applications and implicationsUniversity CopenhagenDKReport
224.6.18Besancon/FRGalactic Cold CoresObs BesanconFRReport
2128.5.18Miyazaki/JPThe Power of Faraday Tomography: Towards 3D Mapping of Cosmic Magnetic FieldsKyushu UniversityJPReport
2013-15.05.18Noto/ITIAU: Perseues in SicilyINAFITReport
192-4.05.18Florence/ITCosmic Rays: the salt of the star-formation recipeUNI FlorenceITReport
1818-20.04.18Norwich/UKEPTA2018Uni of East AngliaUKReport
1710-13.4.18Padova/ITRevisiting narrow-line seyfert 1 galaxies and their place in the Universe INAFITReport
1611-16.3.18Sexten/ITGalaxy interactions and mergers across cosmic timeESODEReport
1520-21.2.18Bonn/DEThe big impact of a big dish: Science with the Effelsberg 100-m TelescopeMPGDEReport
1417-19.1.18Garching/DEAtacama Large Aperture Submm/mm Telescope (AtLAST) ESODE Report
137-10.11.2017Bologna/ITIV Workshop on milimetre and sub-millimetre astronomy in ItalyINAFITReport
122-6.10.17Dubrovnik/CRIAU Symposium 333, “Peering towards Cosmic Dawn"Ruder Boskovic InstituteCRReport
1125-27.10.17Garching/DESubmm/mm/cm QUESO 2017 ESODE Report
1018-22.9.17 Bologna/IT YERAC INAF ITPICTURES & Report
911-12.9.17Jodrell Bank/UKe-MERLIN and VLBI in the SKA eraUMANUK Report
8 4-8.9.17Jodrell Bank/UKIAU Symposium 337: Pulsar Astrophysics-The next 50 YearsUMANUKReport
7 24-26.7.17Manchester/UKMeasuring Star Formation in the Radio, Millimetre, and SubmillimetreUMANUK Report
6 17-21.7.17 Garching/DEEarly stages of Galaxy Cluster Formation ESO DEReport
526.6-7.7.17Paris/FR International Pulsar Timing Array annual conferenceOBSPARIS FR Report
4 19-23.6.17 Bologna/ITThe Broad Impact of Low Frequency Observing INAF ITReport
3 14-16.6.17Dwingeloo/NLHI absorption 2017: a workshop on the status of and preparation for the upcoming surveysASTRON NL Report
212-16.6.17 Ierapetra /GR Polarised Emission from Astrophysical Jets MPG Bonn/DEReport
1 29.5-2.6.17 KerastariGR The Labyrinth of the Unexpected: unforeseen treasures in impossible regions of phase spaceUMAN UKReport

Supported TA user on a scientific event

NoDatePlace/CountryEvent Titleuser name Report
110-14-6-2019Nafplio/GRZooming in on Star formationAnnie ZavagnoReport
214-17.10.19Cheshire/UKSKA VLBI Science Projects & Operations WorkshopJack RadcliffeReport
2POSTPONED-15-23.8.20Uni Amsterdam/NL Cospar Scientific Assembly in Sydney/AUMARIA Arias Saavedra
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