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 ====== EVN TOG meeting, April 29, 2021  ====== ====== EVN TOG meeting, April 29, 2021  ======
-The meeting will be held as an online meeting (zoom). ​The final times are not fixed yet, but likely ​to 11 UT, lunch break 11-12:30 UT, and 12:30 to 14:00 UT. +The meeting will be held as an online meeting (zoom). ​It will start at UT with a first session until 11 UT. Lunch break from 11-12:30 UT, and second session from 12:30 to 15:00 UT.  
 +See below for zoom session details.
 Information and registration:​ Information and registration:​
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   * [[na:​sustainability:​tog:​2021_04:​stations-reports-2021-04|TOG:​ Correlator and stations reports]]   * [[na:​sustainability:​tog:​2021_04:​stations-reports-2021-04|TOG:​ Correlator and stations reports]]
   * [[na:​sustainability:​tog:​2021_04:​tog-presentations-2021-04|TOG:​ Presentations]]   * [[na:​sustainability:​tog:​2021_04:​tog-presentations-2021-04|TOG:​ Presentations]]
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